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Tesla vs. Lucid: Here’s how the EV rivals are and aren’t alike

  • Lucid, which announced plans last week to go public through a reverse merger, is expected to pose real competition to electric-vehicle pioneer Tesla.
  • Thus far, Lucid is following Tesla's playbook when it comes to manufacturing, sales and service.
  • The company is charting a different path where electric-vehicle charging and advertising are concerned.

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Porsche, Audi, General Motors and other established automakers are trying to take on Tesla with splashy new electric vehicles, but the first real competition from an upstart may come from Lucid Motors, a company run by a former chief engineer on the Tesla Model S.

Lucid CEO Peter Rawlinson is following his former boss Elon Musk's playbook when it comes to production, some technology, dealerships and service. But it's charting a different path on electric-vehicle charging stations, automated driving systems and advertising.

Here's how Lucid, which announced plans last week to go public through a SPAC deal, and Tesla compare with each other:


Unlike some newer electric-vehicle companies, Lucid plans to manufacture all of its vehicles in-house, like Tesla does today.

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