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Some people will get debit cards for their $600 stimulus payment. Here’s what you need to know


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The $600 stimulus payments from the latest $900 billion coronavirus relief act are hitting bank accounts and mailboxes for millions of Americans.

And for a few, the money won't come via direct deposit or in paper check form – instead, it will be sent on a debit card.

The IRS is sending some of the payments on debit cards to speed the delivery, according to the agency. It also said that the format of payment may be different from the first round, meaning that even if you didn't get a card the first time, you might now.

So far, the IRS hasn't updated its website with specific details for those receiving the second payment on a debit card, but the agency is likely to follow a process similar to the first round.

If you get the second stimulus payment on a debit card, here are some things to look out for.

You will likely need to activate the card

The first round of payments came via a Visa debit card for some people.

Like any other debit or credit card, that means you'll have to call to activate it before you can start using it. You'll also likely establish a pin and will be able to hear your total balance.

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